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NX-Shell v1.0.1 Beta 2

Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch: Update ,

Joel16 hat NX-Shell aktualisiert.


Eine Menüleiste wurde hinzugefügt, welche mit Y geöffnet werden kann. Momentan sind dort nur die Einstellungen verfügbar, wo sich auch ein Dark Mode aktivieren lassen kann. Sortieroptionen wurden hinzugefügt und ZIPs lassen sich extrahieren, sowie BMPs und GIFs betrachten (wobei letztere nicht animiert werden). Des Weiteren wurden noch einige Fehler behoben.


* Added a menu bar - Use the Y button to access it. (Can only open settings for now, so the settings icon stays highlighted. The animation is something I tend to improve upon in later releases)
* Added dark theme mode. (Can be enabled/disabled in settings)
* Added .ZIP extraction. (Press A on a .zip file)
* Added Sorting options under settings. (Sort by alphabetical - ascending and descending order, by date (currently doesn't work properly), by size - smallest and largest).
* Add support for GIF/BMP images in image viewer. (GIFs will be displayed as a static image)

Improvements and Fixes:
* Progress bar is now properly displayed for copying/moving/extracting files.
* Improved many textures as well as some internal improvements in handling textures and some fixes with font alignment in certain areas.
* Fixed copy/move being enabled at the same time. If you press B in the options dialog it will cancel the item that is currently in the copy/move list. Instead, X should be used to open/close the file options dialog. The row/column will also reset when the B key is pressed.
* Freed some textures that weren't previously freed, also free entries once we are done using them.