RetroArch Wii v1.0.0.0

Themaister, Squarepusher und Toad King haben den Multi-System-Emulator "RetroArch Wii" auf v1.0.0.0 aktualisiert!


Die Performance des Gameboy Advance Emulators wurde verbessert, alle Spiele sollen nun mit voller Geschwindigkeit laufen (selbst Final Fantasy 5/6). Außerdem wurde das Menü verbessert. Dank der neuen "Detect Core" Funktion muss man nicht mehr den Kern umändern, bevor man eine ROM startet. Außerdem wurde der OpenGL-Treiber verbessert und MAME 2003 wurde hinzugefügt

- VBA Next performance improvements - all games should now play at fullspeed more or less (even games like Final Fantasy 5/6)
- Revised menu - should now have the same functionality as all other RetroArch versions
- New 'Detect Core' function - you no longer have to switch a core and then select a ROM - with this mode you can select a ROM and RetroArch will look at the file extension and start the core associated to it. If there are multiple cores that support this file extension, then it will give you a list of supported cores and you can select which one you want to use.
- Much improved OpenGL driver - the PS3 version of RetroArch should now have the lowest input/video latency out of all RetroArch versions (with the exception of maybe KMS/libdrm on Linux).
- Comes with MAME 2003 now. Mortal Kombat 1/2/3/Ultimate should all play at fullspeed with the DCS Hack enabled.
- Many more changes...