Wiimms SZS Tools v1.31a r4828 und Wiimms ISO Tools v2.25a r4825

Wiimm hat seine SZS- und ISO-Tools aktualisiert!

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szs v1.31a r4828 - 2014-01-03

 - BMG handling: \c{color} escape sequences in text output are now enabled
   by default. To be compatible with old tool versions (v1.22a released at
   2013-09-14 and older versions), use option --no-color.

 - wctct: Support of hex coded filenames for the 32 original tracks.

 - Windows only: Cygwin update to v1.7.27 2013-12-09.

 - New option: wstrt --all-ranks: Manipulate a query for Nintendos servers, so
   that all players in a region are found independent of their ranking points.

szs v1.30a r4810 - 2013-12-27

 - Object export (wkclt DECODE & wkmpt DRAW):
    - The default for normals changed. Normals will only be included if the
      keyword NORMALS of option --kcl is set. The new default is better for
      the SketchUp OBJ importer plugin in time and correctness.
    - The ambient color of the material 'Ka' is not longer defined.
    - Bug fix: If the object needed more than 65535 vertices, then a wrong OBJ
      was written with indices modulo 65536.

 - wkmpt DRAW: The following objects are drawn in correct size and with a
   recognizable form and color: itembox, obakeblockSFC*, dokan*, karehayama
   and all trees.

 - KCL: Improved error system, if a KCL has more than 65535 normals. Before
   aborting, the normals are rounded in multiple steps to find duplicates.
wit v2.25a r4825 - 2014-01-03

 - New option --auto-split: If set, the tools try to find out, if an image
   split is needed. The split size is then either below 4 or 2 GiB. Auto-Split
   base on tests with fseek() and works fine under Linux, but it don't work
   with Cygwin. Mac is unknown. In future versions --auto-split is enabled by
   default. It is disabled by any other split option.

 - New option --no-split: Disable file splitting at all. At the moment and in
   old versions of the tools, this is the default.

 - wwt CHECK+REPAIR: Support for option --sections.

 - Windows only: Cygwin update to v1.7.27 2013-12-09.

wit v2.24a r4723 - 2013-11-10

 - The Windows installer will now force type REG_EXPAND_SZ for path variables.

 - wit DOLPATCH: Wrong calculation for address aligning fixed.

 - New sub command for "wit DOLPATCH": ENTRY=address: Define a new entry point.

 - Title data base updated.

 - Windows version only: Update to Cygwin v1.7.25. I hope that it fixes the
   bug that occurred during creation of MKW-Fun 2013-10 with Windows 8.1.

Quelle: szs.wiimm.de, wit.wiimm.de