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SysDVR v5.2

Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch: Update


Überträgt den Bildschirminhalt der Switch auf einen PC.

Die .NET 6.0 Runtime wird unterstützt. Auch kann von mehreren Konsolen über USB gestreamt werden, wobei die erste gefundene Konsole im Client-Programm angezeigt wird. Das klappt aber nicht, wenn die Seriennummer der Konsole nicht gefunden werden kann – das kann vorkommen, wenn mit der PRODINFO rumgespielt wurde. Zu guter Letzt wurden noch einige Fehler mit dem Fullscreen-Modus behoben.


* Compatibility with dotnet 6, you won't have to download an outdated version to run SysDVR-client anymore. (dotnet 5 still works)
* Support for streaming from multiple consoles over USB
** By default SysDVR-client will connect to the first available console it finds, the serial is shown in the command window
** You can specify which console to connect to by adding --usb-serial your_serial to the command line, partial serials are matched by the last digits, for example --usb-serial 123 will connect to any console whoose serial ends with 123
** This feature won't work if sysdvr can't find the console serial, this can happen if you used prodinfo editing tools.
* When using the built-in player you can add the --fullscreen option to the command line to automatically switch to full screen #138
* Fix a bug where sysdvr would get stuck on switching modes and required a reboot #132
* When in full screen mode the window shouldn't disappear when it loses focus #161
* When in full screen mode the mouse cursor is hidden #133
* The SysDVR-settings homebrew sholdn't crash anymore when SysDVR isn't running #165

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