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WiiFlow Beta r866

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Das WiiFlow-Team hat eine neue WiiFlow Beta veröffentlicht! Wir haben die Source genommen und sie kompiliert!

Download (Hinweise beachten!)

Changelog (nicht geordnet, ab r854)


-added the screenshot feature of dios-mios to the gc game options
-set down the upper mem2 usage to 43mb (security reasons)
-fixed the button position of launch neek2o
-updated english.ini
– source menu fixes, restored back with 'b' button but you have to point off
screen. fixed display of buttons on/off properly. and fixed emunand and
realnand buttons so only one is selected at a time.
-added new option to the game settings, Activity LED, with this
enabled you can toggle the drive led for wii and gc games
-updated english.ini
-added custom sd card ogc file like we did with usb already
-proper cleaning the memory now for the devices so a ios
reload will work just fine without breaking sd/usb io
-updated ntfs, ext and fat libs
-reserved 6mb exclusively for the sd and usb device and partition
handling, now we have 44mb for everything else left (we had 47mb before)
-hopefully fixed a homebrew loading bug
-reverted the changes of r858 for now because of some problems
-made the wait animation smoother and better looking using the
original 10 frame pngs (thanks to our last rev for the free space)
-added a way to reduce the alpha channel on pngs
-removed 24 pngs from the download country selection, using the
internal wiiflow alpha reducer from now on for that (saves 127kb)
– Fix for source menu again. Added allplugins button back in. seems to be what
was causing trouble for a lot of people
– Hopefully fixed source menu. working for me
-lets use the old coverflow cover loader again, just slightly