WiiFlow Lite v4.4.0 r1150

Fledge68 hat WiiFlow Lite aktualisiert und springt ein paar Revisionsnummern nach oben.


Der GameCube Banner-Sound lässt sich deaktivieren und das Downloaden der WiiTDB.zip und Cover sollte wieder einwandfrei funktionieren, ohne, dass sich der USB-Loader aufhängt. Der Cheat-Download wurde auch behoben, allerdings verwendet geckocodes.org eine DDoS-Protection, was bedeutet, dass es nicht sonderlich gut funktionieren wird – besser ist es, die Codes manuell von geckocodes.org herunterzuladen.

Cover lassen sich direkt in den Optionen cachen, was zu schnelleren Ladezeiten im Loader führt – besonders bei vielen ROMs und Spielen ist das sinnvoll. An der Wii selbst dauert das allerdings etwas länger, weshalb man das Ganze auch am PC mithilfe von Wiimpathys "CreateCache" tun kann!

Neben etlichen Bugfixes sucht WiiFlow Lite auch nicht mehr nach allen Geräten, wenn nur eine SD eingesteckt ist, was die Startzeit DEUTLICH verringert! Den umfangreichen Changelog findet ihr direkt hier unten.


-removed sd only arg and replaced it with eisteinx2's code to detect sd only. with slight change because mountall() is called in other places.
-fixed font glyph x spacing so letters like W no longer bleed into or look like they connect to the next letter. also fixes letters like j's. thanks to usbloader gx freetypegx code.
-changed some font sizing. but had to make button fonts in bold. if not bold then sometime's the text would fade out and be hard to read. something to do with the wiiflow button images being transparent. has no effect on non transparent buttons like carbonik abz theme.
-fixed wfl so time and date in games is correct. thanks aphirst!
-now unloading theme.ini from mem after all buttons and labels are created. this is possible since coverflow.ini is now seperate from theme.ini.
- other minor code changes and rem's put in for easier code decyphering.
-added flash screen image to appear before wiiflow wait animation. i hope the image isn't too big to cause problems with wfl.
-added 'noflash' arg for meta.xml if you don't want the flash screen image to appear. and no i can't make it load a image from a folder. it must be compiled in the code.
-added 'sdonly' arg for meta.xml for those of you that have everything on SD and hate the 20 second wait for wiiflow to search for usb devices. thanks einsteinx2!
-added meta.xml args support. meaning when a homebrew boot.dol or elf is launched the meta.xml (if exist) will be read for arguments and those args sent when the app is launched. this fixes the issue of custom wait images when changing themes.
-added spanish translation file 'spanish.ini'. thanks to ravmn for sending it to me!
-other minor changes, mainly remarks added for myself.
-added meta.xml args for custom wait message images. waitdir= for full path to folder containing the images. and waitloop if you want the images to play and repeat otherwise the images move forward and backward.
-added widescreen fix just for wait images. may attempt more as time goes by.
-fixed a small thing i forgot in the last commit for cache covers.
-added ability to cache covers. just select your source then go to home menu and click cache covers. it will go thru your current game list and convert the covers to wfc cache files. needed mainly for if you add a bunch of roms and cover pngs for a plugin. or if you for some reason need to remake the wfc files for all your wii or gc games. note using wiimpathy's wfc conv 0.1 on your pc is still a faster option.
-fixed small banner frame (carbonik abz theme) hiding when switching to full banner.
-fixed music title display to use word wrap if wanted.
-fixed issue with emu nand path string.
-recoded cheats download. it should work but geckocodes.org now uses some browser check which prevents downloads on wii. either manually download via pc or get abz's master pack which contains a lot of cheats.
-added comments and minor changes to wait message code.
-fixed downloading covers. it works for me although occasionally stalls during downloading a cover. it could be my home network dropping the connection. Also i didn't try downloading more than 4 covers.
-fixed downloading wiitdb.zip.
-downloading banners should work but no one has them hosted anywhere. larsenv has them hosted on github but its https which doesn't work. it must be http.
-fix to only reset categories when a new gamelist is needed unless a source menu btn has already set categories.
-fix for categories menu since updating to ppc r30
-added einsteinx2's gamecube settings for playing gamecube banner sounds and gamecube default sound. with these you can enable/disable the gc banner sound when selecting a game.
play_banner_sound and play_default_sound in the [GAMECUBE] section of wiiflow_lite.ini
-added sidecovers and shortcovers magic number wild cards (xx).
sidecovers = 513053xx
shortcovers = 51304dxx
the last 2 chars (xx) can be any hex char (0 - f). this is mainly for the quakegx mod plugin but can be used for other plugins that might need side or short covers provided they aren't already in use.