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WiiFlow Lite v5.4.8
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Ein hübscher Backup-Loader mit einer CoverFlow-Oberfläche. Aktuelle Modifikation von Fledge68.

Entwickler Fledge68
Dateigröße 2,99 MB
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Bei einem Update bitte darauf achten, die Ordner "bins" und "imgs" mit zu ersetzen!

Diese Version behebt etliche Fehler. Außerdem benutzt RiiTag jetzt HTTPS, Downloads gehen schneller von der Hand und für Homebrew-Icons wird die Transparenz endlich nicht mehr schwarz angezeigt.


- fixed crash when pressing 1/x or 2/y buttons (change coverflow layout) when no covers are loaded.
- fixed hiding the wait loading animation when using source menu on start.
- fixed exiting source menu on start via B button so covers show properly.
- fixed launching GC games via devolution. (if you still use it)
- fixed deleting wii games so that all the wbfs files are deleted.
- fixed using homebrew icon.png's with transparency as covers for smallbox by restoring some old code I didn't understand.
- fixed a potential issue if using the source select icon on main screen with no source menu.
- added 'no games found in {roms folder path}' if wiiflow doesn't find any roms for a plugin. This will let you know where wiiflow and the plugin are looking for the roms.
- spanish and korean languages updated. thanks DDinghoya and CrewMdk!

Blackb0x commits:
- fixed missing cacheing covers for real nand channels if you add covers manually and do reload cache.
- set riitag url to use https
- prevent crash caused by debug logging when using gamercards
- support paletted png images
- optimized wiiflow images and converted all jpg to png because using png images seems to consume less memory
- covers and banners download faster now
- added check for incomplete downloads before saving. Downloads should only fail like this if your WiFi signal is poor, your internet connection is awful or the server is experiencing issues.
- fixed video mode patching for PAL games.
- tried fixing cacheing covers after downloading them. works better but still might not create cached covers. It's a low free mem2 error if using rhapsodii shima theme and having a lot of games. if covers do not appear after downloading then i suggest rebooting wiiflow and doing reload cache first thing or switch to wiiflow's default theme and then download the covers and then switch back to rhapsodii shima theme.