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WiiFlow Lite v5.4.5

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WiiFlow Lite

Ein hübscher Backup-Loader mit einer CoverFlow-Oberfläche. Aktuelle Modifikation von Fledge68.

Dieses Update behebt lediglich einige Fehler in Bezug auf den SourceFlow und dem Patchen des Videomodus wenn Progressive-Scan genutzt wird.

* sourceflow only shows cache covers progress bar if 1 or more cached covers are missing.
* fixed cache covers progress bar to not show if a plugin has no roms.
* fixed source on start to only work if their is a source menu. (although can be set to on in settings but it will not work)
* fixed sourceflow on start to remove quick flash of green screen.
* fixed startup for wiivc (although untested).
* made minor changes to cios loading on startup.
* fixed if wiiflow fails on startup to not exit to HBC unless booted from HBC.
* cleaned up some of game cios loading.

Blackb0x commits:
* updated wolfSSL.
* optimized the splash and wait images.
* fixed patching video mode for PAL games when using progressive scan.