Wiimms SZS Tools v1.10a r4186

Wiimm hat seine SZS Tools aktualisiert.



– Bug fix: File type printing (e.g. "YAZ0.U8:filename") was reimplemented    because of the new bzip compression, but with bugs.
– Command "wszst CHECK" will now accept option –verbose to print some more    slot hints (negative info about slots 4.2, 6.1 and 6.2).
– New debug command for all tools: ARGTEST: Print all scanned arguments as    list. This helps to find out wrong parameters, especially for windows.
– Cygwin (Windows): Filename handling improved. If using double quotes around    a filename, backslashes work in a Windows usual way as directory separator.
– Cygwin (Windows): Windows 'SendTo' support added. It must be (un-)installed    with the batch files ’sendto-install.bat' and ’sendto-uninstall.bat'.    Available SendTo jobs:      – normalize-SZS.bat  : Normalize a file and convert it to SZS.      – convert-to-WBZ.bat : Convert a SZS file to a WBZ file.      – convert-to-SZS.bat : Convert a WBZ file to a SZS file.      – create-autoadd-library.bat : Use it with the extracted Race/Course        folder to create the autoadd library. It is needed for WBZ conversions.
– New option: –number or –num: If a destiantion file already exists, append    a number directly before the file extension to make the filename unique.    If other numbered files already exist (ignoring case), use the maximal    existing index+1. Option –number is ignored if –overwrite is set.