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Wiimms SZS Tools v1.17a r4358

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Wiimm hat seine SZS-Tools aktualisiert!


Es hat sich wieder massig viel getan!

 - Moonview slot proposal optimized.

 - KMP check: Print a hint, if 200 or more global objects are defined.

 - Option --fast overrides compression rates set by --norm or --compr=list.

 - New --kcl mode: FIX-ALL: Short cut for DROP,RM,NEW,LOG.

 - New option: --autoadd-path=dir: Define a path for the auto-add library
   and override the default search pathes.

 - New option: --mdl=list: Define a MDL patching method. VERTEX patching is
   used by default.

 - New option for wszst: --patch-file=list: Define, which kind of KMP, KCL and
   BRRES/MDL files are objects for patching. The default is to patch only the
   main KMP and KCL files and the MODEL and MAP files. --pfile is a short cut
   for --patch-file.

 - New name for option --hrot: --yrot

 - New options: --xrot, --yrot, --zrot, --ypos: Options --xrot, --zrot and
   --ypos are really new for X+Z rotation and --yrot is only a alternative
   name for --hrot. See built in help for impact.

 - New option: --translate: Works like --shift, but is done after the
   rotation. This is similar to the MDL transformations, that works in the
   order scale, x-rotate, y-rotate, z-rotate, translate.

 - New command for testing: wszst MATRIX: Use the transformation options as
   base and calculate and print the related vectors and the tranformation
   matrices. Then execute the transformations for each vector (parameter).

 - ATTENTION: Because of the new 3D rotation support, a new rotation
   algorithm has been implemented. Implementation bugs are not impossible.

 - ATTENTION: All new patching options are EXPERIMENTAL!

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