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Wiimms SZS Tools v1.20a r4548

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Wiimm hat seine SZS-Tools aktualisiert.


 - New Option for wszst and wimgt: --smart:
   If resizing an image, use the new smart resize function. The new function
   is much slower (factor 2-4) than the old function, but creates much better
   resized images. This is only relevant for creating mimaps with odd width

 - Support of original SketchUp OBJ exporter, see next 2 points for details:

 - More tolerant detection of Wavefront OBJ files. Export of the original
   SketchUp exporter will be recognized as 'SKPOBJ' instead of 'WAVOBJ'.

 - New --kcl flags: 'G' and 'USEMTL': If scanning an OBJ file, these flags
   decides, which OBJ commands will define groups. If none is set (default)
   'USEMTL' is used for files of type 'SKPOBJ' and 'G' for all others.

 - Command 'wkclt CFF' accepts now option --brief to suppress the comment
   '# f(type,variant)' and option --long to force a '= f(type,variant)'

 - Suppress some patch logging messages for CHECK commands.

 - CHECK KMP: If option --long is set, print some additional statistics.

 - Some error messages are more exact now.

 - Bug fix: If using options --test and --remove together, the destination
   file was removed sometimes (but not created).

 - New patching option: --tform-kmp=list: Fine control about the sections
   and objects (position, rotation or scale vector), that are transformed.
   See http://szs.wiimm.de/opt/tform-kmp for details.

 - Windows only: Cygwin update to v1.7.20 2013-06-07.

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Wiimms SZS Tools v1.18a r4404

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Wiimm hat seine SZS-Tools aktualisiert. Im Gegensatz zu seinen ISO-Tools werden diese aber noch weiterentwickelt.


 - There is a complete new transformation algorithm: All transforming options
   will be used to create a transformation matrix. If using >1 transformation
   steps (see below), the matrices are multiplied to get a final transformation
   matrix. All transformations are now done using this final transformation
   matrix. This is faster and the internal handling is now much easier.

 - New option --next: This option allows and separates up to 10 transformation
   steps. Logical, each point is transformed step by step in the definition
   order. Internally, a final matrix is calculated and all transformations are
   done in a single step by using this final matrix. There are some issues
   transforming KMP object, see http://szs.wiimm.de/opt/next for details.

 - Command MATRIX is now available for all tools with transformation support.
   It was redesigned to control the impact of the new transformation steps.
   See http://szs.wiimm.de/cmd/matrix

 - New option --rot=deg@origin: Define the rotations for 3 axes by one option.

 - New option --arot=deg[@pt1]@pt2: Do an (axis) rotation around the axis
   specified by the 2 points as single transformation step.
   This option is EXPERIMENTAL! See http://szs.wiimm.de/opt/arot

 - New option --ascale=factor@dir: Do an (axis) scaling into the direction
   specified by the vector 'dir' as single transformation step.
   This option is EXPERIMENTAL! See http://szs.wiimm.de/opt/ascale

 - KMP object database updated.

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Wiimms SZS Tools v1.17a r4358

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Wiimm hat seine SZS-Tools aktualisiert!


Es hat sich wieder massig viel getan!

 - Moonview slot proposal optimized.

 - KMP check: Print a hint, if 200 or more global objects are defined.

 - Option --fast overrides compression rates set by --norm or --compr=list.

 - New --kcl mode: FIX-ALL: Short cut for DROP,RM,NEW,LOG.

 - New option: --autoadd-path=dir: Define a path for the auto-add library
   and override the default search pathes.

 - New option: --mdl=list: Define a MDL patching method. VERTEX patching is
   used by default.

 - New option for wszst: --patch-file=list: Define, which kind of KMP, KCL and
   BRRES/MDL files are objects for patching. The default is to patch only the
   main KMP and KCL files and the MODEL and MAP files. --pfile is a short cut
   for --patch-file.

 - New name for option --hrot: --yrot

 - New options: --xrot, --yrot, --zrot, --ypos: Options --xrot, --zrot and
   --ypos are really new for X+Z rotation and --yrot is only a alternative
   name for --hrot. See built in help for impact.

 - New option: --translate: Works like --shift, but is done after the
   rotation. This is similar to the MDL transformations, that works in the
   order scale, x-rotate, y-rotate, z-rotate, translate.

 - New command for testing: wszst MATRIX: Use the transformation options as
   base and calculate and print the related vectors and the tranformation
   matrices. Then execute the transformations for each vector (parameter).

 - ATTENTION: Because of the new 3D rotation support, a new rotation
   algorithm has been implemented. Implementation bugs are not impossible.

 - ATTENTION: All new patching options are EXPERIMENTAL!

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Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2013-04

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Wiimm hat eine neuen Teil seiner Mario Kart Fun Reihe released! Dabei sind natürlich wieder viele neue Strecken!


2013-04-13, v1
Official release.
Last minute change: RC1 contains GBA Ribbon Road. But it has has massive slowdown effects if playing on split screen with and without computer enemies. So GBA Ribbon Road was kicked and GCN Wario Colosseum is back again.
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