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4NXCI v3.05

Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch: Update ,

Konvertiert Spiele von XCI in NSP.

Custom XCIs lassen sich fehlerfrei in NSPs umwandeln und einige weitere Fehler wurden behoben. Des Weiteren wird bei der GUI-Version der Zielort nun auf den gleichen Ordner wie die XCI gestellt.

* Fixed support for XCIs with non-title crypto updates (Custom XCIs)
* Fixed a bug cause temp folder doesn't get deleted after conversion is done when xci contains update
* Removed read only from xci, output and keys fields.
* Used tabIndex property to allow proper tab browsing in order.
* Set output folder equal to folder where XCI is located. If an output folder was selected previously, doesn't change anything.
* Browse dialog for output folder now automatically selects the folder in text field, if set.
4NXCI-GUI changes credits: https://github.com/TehPsychedelic