DSiMenu++ v4.4.0 Rev 01

Robz8 hat das DSiMenu++ aktualisiert.


Mit der Nightly-Version von NDS-Bootstrap lässt sich nun die Sprache des Spiels ändern, falls es das unterstützt. Neben kleineren Design-Verbesserungen funktioniert jetzt auch "Pokémon Ranger: Spuren des Lichts" – das Spiel nutzt SDK4, eingestellt war die ganze Zeit aber SDK5. Ups!


v4.4.0 Rev 01:
* Fixed a derp that was done since months!
Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs now works!
It was previously using SDK5 bootstrap, when the game is actually SDK4.

What's new?
* You can now set a different language for your games (if the game supports it)!
** NOTE: This feature only works on nightly bootstrap for now.
* You can now see your game's title ID in the per-game settings menu!
* Added French and Spanish versions of the START border text.

* DSi theme: Scroll bar of dark/SD theme is now black to match the background.
* DSi theme: START text and scroll bar button/window colors now correctly match the user's set color.
* DSi theme: Moved START border and title box down a pixel.
* The positioning is now the same as the original DSi Menu!
* 3DS theme: Restored green color to cursor image.

Bug fixes
* 3DS theme: Added missing shoulder button images to top screen.
* 3DS theme: Text on top screen is now black to not blend in with the background.
* Other minor fixes to enhance the user experience.