DSiMenu++ v5.2.0 -> Rev02

Robz8 hat das DSiMenu++ aktualisiert.


UPDATE: Über Nacht erschienen gleich zwei Updates, welche Probleme mit den Einstellungen behoben haben.

Neben einigen Design-Verbesserungen lässt sich ein Spiel jetzt mit X löschen und der Einstellungsbildschirm kann in verschiedenen Sprachen angezeigt werden. Zudem wurde das Moonshell "Blue Moon" Theme hinzugefügt. Näheres im Changelog.


v5.2.0 Rev02:
* The async prefetch option now longer shows sound/mic frequency's option.

v5.2.0 Rev01:
* Fixed CPU speed setting being overwritten by async prefetch setting.

What's new?
* New font is now in use! The font is like the one from the original DSi Menu, except it has smoother edges.
* Name display returns to the top screen in the DSi & 3DS themes, and the settings screen!
* You can now press X to delete a game or folder. (Returning feature from TWLoader)
* DSi theme: The icon drop down effect during screen fade-in, has been added!
* The Moonshell Blue Moon theme has been added as an R4 sub-theme!
* In the settings screen, alongside the L/R buttons to switch a page, you can now use the X/Y buttons as well. Useful, if your L/R buttons are broken. ;)
* The settings screen now has translations! Text is loaded from NitroFS. (Translations contributed by @c-schuhmann, @edo9300, @XxPhoenix1996xX, and @xavimel)
* You can now enable/disable async prefetch, if some games are broken with or without it. (Only works with Nightly bootstrap for now.)
* Reset Slot-1 has been changed to Slot-1 launch method, a new option where you can select how DSiMenu++ will launch your Slot-1 card!
* DSi users: You can now launch System Settings in the DSiMenu++ settings!

Bug fix
* DSi/3DS theme: The extra 7 palette lines of an animated icon are no longer loaded, in order for icons to not appear white. Fell free to enable the Animate DSi icons feature again!