Nintendont v3.394 -> v3.397 -> v3.398

nintendontNintendont hat erneut ein Update erhalten.


UPDATE 4, 23.05.2016: v3.398 fügt einen neuen DSP-Patch hinzu, der in der Pikmin 1 USA-Demo gefunden werden kann.

UPDATE 3, 21.05.2016: Und v3.397 ist da. Wenn kein Launcher gefunden wurde, der Nintendont gestartet hat, kehrt Nintendont nun zum Homebrewkanal zurück.

UPDATE 2, 20.05.2016, 20:46 Uhr: v3.396 wurde veröffentlicht. Einige Patches, die schon langer Zeit nicht mehr verwendet werden, wurden entfernt. Zudem wurde der Patcher optimiert.

UPDATE, 20.05.2016: v3.395 ist da. Das Patching-System sollte nun etwas schneller sein und originale Nintendo Memory-Cards sollten vom NTSC 1.0 BIOS nun korrekt gemounted werden, allerdings ist dieser Fix ungetestet.


-added a total of 19 demos into their respective arstartdma exception lists (as we know from the full versions), pleast let me know if I missed anything
-added in a new dsp patch found in the us demo of pikmin 1

- changed up the reset stub code to now hopefully be more compatible (issue #151)
- slightly increased the main thread default sleep value to give other threads more time to work (the main loop still does around 10000 loops per second which should be enough to handle game requests)
- instead of trying to return to the system menu if no reset stub was found it will now try to return to the homebrew channel instead which should be more stable

- removed all sorts of old patches which havent been used for a long time/ever
- set the kernel code optimization to -O3 for max speed
- some more small patcher optimizations
- made the patching system a little quicker by doing some things only once
- added a potential fix for original nintendo memory cards not being mounted by the ntsc 1.0 bios (untested)

- finally disabled DVDGetDriveStatus patch which still was used for Chibi-Robo! and Pokemon Channel even though we replace its interface for a long time now
- added new ReadROM patch pattern and updated __OSReadROM to be properly patched again, also added a debug print if a game still reads the font in a non-patched way