NitroHax v0.95

NitroHaxNitroHax hat ein Update erhalten.


Der Card-Init-Code wurde verbessert. Dies sollte einige Spiele fixen, die vorher nicht funktionierten.  Näheres im Changelog.

- Improved card init code. Added delay between power off and power on of slot on arm7 side. Noticed my Gateway Blue Cart wouldn't init correctly if it was inserted while NitroHax booted. I now have arm7 wait for arm9 before powering on slot again. Hopefully fix a few games that might have had trouble with NitroHax. (but no gurantee it will fix any of them. This shouldn't make things worse at least. :P )
- Added code to restore SCFG_CLK back to it's original value for NTR mode and set bit31 so SCFG lock down is restored before booting the game. This should help some games that break as a result of the new dev launcher patch.