NS-USBloader v4.5

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USB-Installation von NSPs über Goldleaf.

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Es wurden einige Fehler behoben; näheres dazu im Changelog.

* Real fix for #79, #80 and #81.
* Long story short: In situation when application configuration (for whatever reason) contained incorrect/non-existing path to the recently used directory, application crashed or buttons stopped working. So now it's finally fixed. Really. I tested.
* (Thanks for details, @tefanga!)

* Fix broken "Don't serve requests" option.
* Update Brazilian Portuguese Translation by @andercard0. Thank you!
* Fix/improve split-files validations.
* Fix #79 (Merge: Save to folder not working), #80 (Select NSP files not working). Thanks @xXxQuiquexXx, @tefanga!

* Simplified Chinese translation updated by @exiori. Thank you!
* Brazilian Portuguese translation updated by @almircanella. Thank you!