SysCheck HacksDen Edition v2.2.1

syscheckhacksdenJoostinOnline hat seinen SysCheck aktualisiert!


Es wurden einige Bugs gefixt und ein paar Änderungen am Code durchgeführt, um das Systemmenü besser zu erkennen. DIOS MIOS wird nun auch erkannt. Auch wird jetzt angezeigt, ob es sich um eine Wii U oder eine Wii handelt.

- Fixed the pesky bug that sometimes caused the slot number of a vWii cIOS to be way off. Thanks to asper for a good deal of testing.
- Added support for the new vWii System Menu's.
- Fixed the ridiculous bug (possibly intentional?) where the System Menu region is defined by setting.txt, not by what's installed.
- Added an additional method of checking the System Menu version. The current way works fine, but it doesn't hurt to have some backup methods.
- App now exits properly on error, and memory is cleaned up.
- Added support for DM/DML 2.7-2.10.
- Added libruntimeiospatch v1.6.1.
- Rewrote logfile code so it logs directly to the file (no overflows).
- Fixed bug where a bunch of blank lines are shown on the report when you press Right close to the end of the file.
- Added a .5 second delay after displaying report to decrease the chance of accidental uploads.
- Added a .2 second delay between the init messages.
- Added check for console type (Wii or Wii U).
- Translations added for "Shop Channel Code".
- A fair amount of optimization and cleanup.