The Homebrew Filter rev44

nano hat den Homebrew Filter aktualisiert.

Download: WiivWii

Der Honebrew Filter geht nun im Wii-Modus der Wii U (vWii) deutlich schneller. Außerdem gibt es nun keine Verzögerung mehr beim Öffnen der Einstellungen. Das Update funktioniert nun auch für alle Varianten des Homebrew Filters.

- built against libruntimeiospatch 1.5.1
- apply XFLAGS (flag specifying build-type (Wii/vWii,
  installer/forwarder) to CXXFLAGS not just CFLAGS
  * this will speed up HBF on vWii.
    x only the first time you choose an application will
      delay 1 or 2 seconds (as we are scanning all available
      IOSes, for you to choose a different IOS to start an
      application with, before it always delayed)
    x same for external launchers menu
    x no more delay when opening the settings
  * this will fix upgrading HBF via network on vWii.
    x previously it was accidently downloading the Wii version
  * this will fix upgrading standalone HBF via network.
    x previously it was accidently downloading the installer
  * ... yeah, one variable, huge impact ...
- move creation of distribution files into dist/
- bump channel version to 44 (accidently skipped for 43)