TWiLight Menu++ v20.2.0 mit NDS-Bootstrap v0.40.1

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Das TWiLight Menu++ sieht aus wie das DSi-Menü und kann in Verbindung mit NDS-Bootstrap DS-Homebrews und DS-Spiele von der SD-Karte abspielen.

Entwickler RocketRobz
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Letztes Update
NDS-Bootstrap v0.47.0

Spielt in Verbindung mit TWLMenu++ DS-Spiele und -Homebrews von der SD-Karte ab.

Entwickler shutterbug2000, ahezard
Dateigröße 365,76 kB
Letztes Update

Das Speichern in DSiWare-Titeln funktioniert jetzt, ebenso wie der DSi-Modus auf allen Flashkarten, wenn der TWL Touch Mode gesetzt und SCFG aktiviert sind. Auch lässt sich die Tastenkombination für das In-Game-Menü ändern. Cheats für DSiWare funktionieren ebenfalls.

Näheres in den beiden umfangreichen Changelogs.

TWiLight Menu++ Changelog

What's new?
* nds-bootstrap is now the default DSiWare booter!
* When launching DSiWare on flashcards via nds-bootstrap, data is now copied to a temporary location on the console's SD card.
* * This is turned on by default to maintain compatibility.
* 8.3 SFN versions of the launched DSiWare path (.nds, .pub, and .prv) are now set in nds-bootstrap.ini for the DSiWare title to read long paths.
* The Run in setting is now shown for all flashcards with SCFG access enabled.
* The Pop Island games are now only launchable in DSi mode.
* * To launch the DS mode demo version, start TWLMenu++ via DSiWarehax or DS flashcard.
* Added "Only for DSi" message when attempting to launch DSiWare or DSi System Apps on DS Phat/lite consoles.
* (@Epicpkmn11) Added option to set custom hotkey for nds-bootstrap's in-game menu.
* (@Epicpkmn11) Re-enabled manual icon in SELECT menu.

* The ROM list from melonDS is now used to determine the launched DS game's save size.
* (@Epicpkmn11 and various) Updated translations.

Bug fixes
* Cheats are now set for DSiWare!
* Fixed a bug that would cause the SM64 DSi port to crash on black screens.
* * Unlaunch is no longer used to boot the port.
* Fixed launched .gba ROM being moved to the saves folder for whatever reason.

NDS-Bootstrap Changelog

What's new?
* DSiWare titles on the SD card are now booted the same way as Unlaunch and the DSi System Menu boot them!
* * As a result, saving now works, and DSiWare compatibility is either perfect, or close to perfect!
* * Because no patching is done, you can no longer use the in-game menu button combo to exit to TWLMenu++.
* DSi mode is now usable on all flashcards booted in DS mode with SCFG enabled!
* * Make sure nds-bootstrap is booted with TWL touch mode set (can be done by setting the Slot-1 TWL touch option in TWLMenu++ Settings), or else the Camera feature won't work, and may cause the game to crash.
* * Trying to connect to the internet will cause either a lockup, or a crash.
* * NOTE: This feature will not make DSi mode work on DS Phat/lite consoles.
* (@Epicpkmn11) Custom in-game menu hotkey can now be set!

* (@Epicpkmn11) Updated in-game menu translations.

Bug fixes
* Fixed unexpected bug where WiFi wouldn't work in DS mode. (v0.40.1)
* The card read DMA alternative is now applied for most games!
* Saving now works in the EUR & JAP versions of Kirby Canvas Curse!
* Fixed freezing issue in Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver Versions!
* With IR support still being broken, Slot-1 is now disabled, regardless if the game uses IR or not.
* * Fixes a bug where the game would exit when closing/opening the console's lid.