TWiLight Menu++ v6.6.0

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Das TWiLight Menu++ sieht aus wie das DSi-Menü und kann in Verbindung mit NDS-Bootstrap DS-Homebrews und DS-Spiele von der SD-Karte abspielen.

Entwickler RocketRobz
Dateigröße 32,78 MB
Letztes Update

Wenn ein Spiel mit Anti-Piraterie-Schutz gestartet wird, wird eine Meldung angezeigt, dass dieses vorher mit einem entsprechenden Patch ausgestattet werden muss, falls nicht schon getan. Auch wurden ein paar kleinere Theme-Bugs behoben.


What's new?
* DSi users with HiyaCFW: Do you miss the DSi splash being shown on boot, now that this is set as a System Menu replacement?
* Well, starting with this version, the DSi splash has been ported and slightly modified from @ApacheThunder's NTR Launcher, and just like on the original System Menu, it'll be shown once on each boot.
* To see the DSi splash, turn it on in the HiyaCFW settings.
* RocketRobz logo has been added to the bottom screen in the app's splash screen.
* .launcharg files have a new look!
* Inside one would be sd:/title/000300##/########/content/, but now it's shortened to sd:/title/000300##/########/, as the app now adds the last half on the fly.
* If you have existing .launchargs on the SD card, just delete content/ at the end using a text editor, leaving with the shortened result.
* Most known games with AP measures will now show a message saying to AP-patch the ROM, when trying to launch it.

Bug fixes
* The new .launcharg look should no longer cause a Guru Meditation Error, unless the particular app doesn't exist on the SDNAND.
* Fixed some DSi system apps (such as DSi Camera) in .nds format being booted as homebrew (not working) instead of through Unlaunch.
* (Untested with Acekard theme) .launchargs of DS-mode DSi system apps will no longer show per-game settings.
* DSi/3DS theme: Fixed game's icon not being shown in the delete and cannot be launched screens.
* DSi/3DS theme: On flashcards, it should no longer freeze on the Now Loading... screen.