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Whitehole v1.4.2.2

vWii, Wii, Wii: Update ,

SunakazeKun hat die Modifikation des Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 Level-Editors aktualisiert.


ChildObj-Editierung kehrt in dieser Version wieder zurück und yaz0-Encoding beim Speichern wurde hinzugefügt. Themes können nun gewechselt werden und die Objektauswahl wurde verbessert; z.B. kann jetzt der Name des Objektes eingetippt und direkt eingefügt werden. Das Objektrendering und der Hash-Generator wurden verbessert und mehrere Bugs gefixt. Näheres im Changelog.


- Added back ChildObj editing along with some info messages when trying to open certain galaxies and zones
- Added yaz0 encoding when saving as well as options for this
- Added options for UseResource editing in the BCSV editor
- Added some options to switch between themes
- Object selection has been improved:
  - You can now type in the name of the object and add it without selecting it from one of the categories
  - More information about the currently selected object, including Obj_args and files
- Improved object rendering
- Improved hash generator
- Fixed a bug with GeneralPos rendering which prevents users from opening SkullFishGalaxy
- Fixed a few bugs with various object settings
- Fixed wrong models, textures and colors after closing and opening a galaxy while viewing one of its zones
- Fixed fake color not loading while not having moved the camera
- Removed the option for downloading the object database from Kuribo64
- Various other fixes and tweaks that aren't worth mentioning