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WiiFlow auf v4.0.4 aktualisiert

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Ja, es gibt noch Updates für Wii Homebrews! Das WiiFlow Team hat WiiFlow etwas stabiler gemacht!


Hello again guys, here is 4.0.4 for you! This revision can be seen as stability update, we did not add alot this time because we are more focused on fixing bugs currently, hopefully this revision fixes most of the bugs you guys have with 4.0.3, I wont list all bugfixes because that would take a few days 😛 If you get problems with this revision, then just stay with 4.0.3, because this rev is as said mainly fixing, and maybe new bugs came into that rev because of all changes we did, you know as it always happens if you fix something a new bug will appear. However, they are a few new things which should be written down: -added new option "dml_activity_led" (enabled by default), this controls the Drive LED when DIOS-MIOS (Lite) is busy -added new option "force_cios_rev" (0 by default), if you set it to a IOS number like "222" then wiiflow will use IOS222 as AUTO setting and will reload to IOS222 if you enable the "force_cios_load" option as well -added transparency handling for homebrew view icon.png pics -increased max source menu buttons to 72 -added detection for newer devolution revisions It can be that very soon another new rev will come up, depending on when we begin adding features again to the stable revs here.


via ModMii und Googlecode – "a lot" schreibt man nicht zusammen 😉