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WiiFlow v4.1.1

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Ein neuer WiiFlow-Release zu Ostern!


Es wurde das viel gefixt! Das Laden von Homebrew, der 1. USB-Port kann genutzt werden, 2 Gamecube-Disk-Games können gespielt werden, DIOS-MIOS kann nun Screenshots aufnehmen und viel viel mehr!

Hey guys, happy easter!
Finally after 4 months I think its time to give out 4.1.1, according to my svn program we changed 143 files, so I'm not sure if I'll get everything written down in this small log. Currently I dont have much time because of important life stuff, so I cant remember everything done in those 4 months here. Let me just name a few important changes to you:
-changed back the homebrew bootup size, should fix homebrew booting for the 3tb+ hdd users
-hardcore speedup for channel booting using the real dol instead of loading the apploader, added a gui option per game to switch back to boot apploader if its needed for compatility reasons, with that real dol we can also finally do patching, so you can force video modes, languages etc in your wiiware and virtualconsole stuff
-made the wii disc light option also compatible with wii games and channels, if you enable this option the disc light will always be on if you play the game where you enabled it
-fixed up the wiimote controls, now should be working better with extensions like nunchuk and classic controller, unwanted problems like when pressing c on the nunchuk makes the coverflow going left are fixed this way
-changed our ios patching system, that means people with the issue of missing text in wiiflow should finally see everything just fine again
-FINALLY added a option to use the usb port 1, just check out the startup options in the general settings, as soon as you selected the port there and you go back wiiflow will apply that change on the fly, also this option is working per wii using our wiiflow save file, so if you use wiiflow on another wii it will use the options set from this wii and not on your own one
-updated the gc disc 2 support, now you can finally handle both discs separate, so for example if you hide disc 2 it wont hide disc 1 too, also improved the devolution support, more filenames are getting checked (gam1, gam2 and disc2 compared to gam1 only)
-added a random game booting option, simply press b on the question mark icon to boot some random game in your current coverflow
-added a way to combine multiple coverflows, only works if you use wiiflow packs for the source menu, then you can simply press b on the pictures of the coverflows you want to combine, go back and everything is mixed
-fixed the configuration file handling of wiiflow when they are on a NTFS partition
-added the dios-mios screenshot feature option, you can set it per game
-after returning wiiflow from a game etc you now will get back to the coverflow you were in before, it wont just reset back to the wii game coverflow anymore
-if only one music file exist which is played then wiiflow wont show that information in the top corner of the screen
-and last but not least, wiiflow is a bit faster, cleaner and more compatible, things got cleaned up alot again
I guess thats it, if you find more things consider them as easter egg :P

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