Wiimms ISO Tools v2.28a r4980 und Wiimms SZS Tools v1.33a r4983

Wiimm hat seine SZS- und ISO-Tools aktualisiert.

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Wiimms ISO Tools
 - Full WDF version 2 support:
    - WDFv2 files are a little bit smaller and support alignment.
    - Parts of the WDF library have been rewritten to support WDFv2 and
      alignment. A side effect is a more compact code and a better chunk
      management if modifiying WDF files.
    - Option --wdf forces WDF output, the version is definied automatically.
    - Option --wdf1 forces WDFv1 output.
    - Option --wdf2 forces WDFv2 output.
    - Option --align-wdf defines an alignment between 1 and 1GiB (power of 2)
      and optional the minimal hole size before creating a new chunk.
    - 'wit EDIT' supports --wdf1 and --wdf2 to allow version conversions.
   For technical details about WDF see: http://wit.wiimm.de/WDF

 - Support of split files of CleanRip: If reading a plain ISO file named
   '*.part0', the other parts are detected as continuation files.

 - Windows only: Cygwin update to v1.7.28 2014-02-09.
Wiimms SZS Tools
 - Colorized patch log.

 - New Command: wszst COPY source dest: COPY is an alternative command for
   copying and pathing files. It uses the same internal procedure as command
   PATCH, but has another command line syntax.

 - New mode for option --kmp: FIX-CKJGPT: Fix invalid links to respawn points.

 - wszst CHECK: Test geometry of images:
    - Warnings about invalid images with zero width or height.
    - Warnings about images with width or height not power of 2.
    - Hints about images with width or height >1024.
   See http://szs.wiimm.de/cmd/wszst/check#testlist for details.

 - wszst CHECK: Count and warn about the number of vertices in MDL files
   of 'course_model.brres', 'map_model.brres' and 'vrcorn_model.brres',
   and about the total of all MDL files.

 - New KMP checks for wszst+wkmpt CHECK:
    - STGI: Print modified lap counter.
    - STGI: Print invalid start position or mode.
    - STGI: Print defined speed modifier.
   See http://szs.wiimm.de/cmd/wkmpt/check#testlist for details.

 - The tools 'wkclt' and 'wbmgt' accept the literal "0" as source filename for
   an empty file (like "-" for stdin).

 - Windows only: Cygwin update to v1.7.28 2014-02-09.

Quelle: wit.wiimm.de & szs.wiimm.de