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WiiVC Injector Script v1.0.6

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KhaderWelaye hat seinen WiiVC-Injector aktualisiert.


Eine neuere Version der fw.img wird jetzt benutzt und Unterstützung für Spiele im WBFS-Format wurde hinzugefügt. Zudem wurden einige Failsafes eingebaut und Fehler behoben.


## [1.0.6] = 2017-09-16
- Updated NFS2ISO2NFS to 0.5.1
- Added logging support, now if the script fails it will be easier to pinpoint why
- Special characters no longer break folder creation
- Meta.xml Japanese publisher now uses correct variable
- Robocopy now called by its full path (since random machines are failing to call its environmental variable)
- Added failcheck for if WIT fails to rebuild the game file

## [1.0.5b] = 2017-09-11
- Changed base to Rhythm Heaven Fever, uses a newer revision of fw.img
- Integrated Title ID for RHF, as it's worthless without the Title Key
- Support for WBFS conversion if preferred over ISO
- Support for pre-built bootSound BNSTD if preferred over WAV
- If the wrong Title Key or Common key is specified, it will prompt you to re-enter them.
- If a space is accidentally included when you paste the Wii U Common Key, it will no longer break the script
-Lots of failchecks. Script will warn you if:
	1. Java isn't detected
	2. Script reliant folders aren't accessible by the script (permission issues)
	3. ROBOCOPY isn't supported on your OS
	4. The necessary code/meta files weren't downloaded or generated properly (This occurs before converting the game wbfs/iso files, so should show up very early in the process)
	5. Special characters that break folder creation are present
	6. NUSPacker fails to generate the installable package