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Homebrew App Store v2.2

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Homebrew App Store

Lädt Homebrew-Anwendungen vom Internet direkt auf die SD-Karte der Wii U.

Switch Homebrew App Store

Mit dem Switch Homebrew App Store lassen sich Homebrew-Programme direkt von der Switch aus herunterladen.

Es gibt keine Ladebildschirme mehr, denn Bilder und Metadaten werden nun on-the-fly heruntergeladen, wenn sie benötigt werden! Beim Extrahieren von ZIPs wird außerdem eine Fortschrittsleiste eingeblendet und wenn "L"/"R" beim Start mehrmals gedrückt wird, wird ein Recovery-Modus aufgerufen. Nebenbei wurden noch zahlreiche Fehler behoben.

Wii-U-Nutzer werden möglicherweise zwei Einträge im Homebrew Launcher sehen – das ist beabsichtigt und einer von beiden muss gestartet werden, um das zu beheben.


* No more loading screen! Images and metadata are now downloaded on-the-fly, and you are dropped immediately into the app listing (by rw-r-r_0644!)
* Abstracted UI components into the standalone library Chesto
* * Chesto is a declarative, element-based library for creating lightweight user interfaces in SDL2. Along with the App Store console client, it also powers vgedit.
* * Chesto uses resinfs rather than switch/wiiu romfs for storing and loading compressed assets from memory (by rw-r-r_0644)
* * Want to give it a try? Have a peek at CompuCat's example, ChestoTesto!
* Shows progress while extracting files from the zip package
* Detailed Credits page to fairly highlight importance of people's contributions in the scene
* Recovery mode added, accessed by pressing repeatedly L/R immediately after launching
* Bugfixes and Oversights
* * Fixes issues when package structure totally changes (libget#8)
* * Sorting button no longer occasionally crashes
* * Files download to disk to avoid being stored in memory (Thanks TotalJustice!)
* * Onscreen quit button added (Thanks jacquesCedric!)
* Platform Specific
* * Switch: Uses https for default Switch repo (sorry for dragging feet on this!)
* * Switch: Themes are now excluded from the "All Apps" category
* * Switch: If launched in applet mode, uses Wii U style banners
* * Wii U: Fix crackling/popping during music playback (by Quarktheawesome)
* * Wii U: Fix bug that duplicates appstore entries in HBL upon upgrading... (see Notice*)
* * * TL;DR: after updating on Wii U there will be two appstore apps in HBL. Launching either one will work, and it will clean up the extra one
* Move primary development from GitHub to GitLab
* * We’ll continue to upload releases to GitHub for the moment, but that repo will eventually be deprecated and direct users to GitLab. ↩︎