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Lockpick RCM v1.9.8

Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch: Update ,

Lockpick RCM

Liest alle Schlüssel der Switch aus.

Der amiibo Retail-Key und das konsolenspezifische ETicket-Schlüsselpaar werden nun mitgedumpt. Letzteres ist für Emulatoren gedacht, die damit eigene Spiele-Dumps verifizieren können.

* Added Amiibo key dump option to main menu - this saves the key_retail.bin file that Amiibo tooling requires to the sd:/switch folder.
* Moved Mariko partial AES key results dumping option to main menu. Since this option renders boot and keydumping impossible and it's not useful to the vast majority of users, it has been moved to the main menu as its own isolated option, a verbose warning about needing to reboot after dumping has been added and all dumping options get greyed out after running it.
* Lockpick_RCM now saves the console-unique ETicket RSA-2048 keypair that is used to validate personalized tickets in the keyfile under the name eticket_rsa_keypair. This was requested so that Switch emulators can more easily support validating personalized game dumps.