Luma3DS v10.1.1

Luma3DS v10.2.1
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Luma3DS ist die beliebteste Custom Firmware für den Nintendo 3DS.

Entwickler AuroraWright
Dateigröße 356,44 kB
Letztes Update

Das Herunterfahren, der Reboot und Firmlaunch sollten nicht mehr ewig dauern und ein weiteres Problem, bei dem einige Luma-Builds gar nicht booteten, wurde behoben. Näheres im Changelog.

* Fixed multiple issues affecting shutdown (and reboot, firmlaunch) time. Shutdown time should be reduced to around 2.5~3.5s (from 16s):
* * A regression from v10.1 that was also potentially affecting startup times
* * A regression from v10.0
* * A bug back from 2016 causing shutdown times to be 1.5 to 5.5s longer than normal
* Fixed an issue where some Luma builds wouldn't boot
* Fixed most remaining cases where you would get an Arm9 svcBreak with 0xC8804465, in particular if you pressed the SAFE_MODE combo very late (this was a long-standing issue)
* 3DSX: increased the maximum core1 CPU time limit for APT_SetAppCpuTimeLimit from 30% to 89%