Nintendont v2.166

nintendontNintendont wurde aktualisiert.


Burnout 2, Viewtiful Joe, Animal Crossing und Mega Man X benutzen einen neuen Patch, der sich besser in den Code integriert. Ein Problem mit Controllern wurde behoben und die Musik in Wind Waker Collectors Edition und Twilight Princess wurde gefixt.

-added a new ARStartDMA patch which hooks itself into the original nintendo code instead of completely replacing it, this patch will be used by burnout 2, viewtiful joe, animal crossing and megaman x command mission

-greatly increased controller read updates for interrupt read based games, this should help people with slow controls
-changed up patching system a bit, made the debug prints more unified and added a safety check for EXIUnlock to make sure we write to the right function, this fixes music in both collectors edition menu and twilight princess
-added a small debugging option which makes it possible to compile nintendont with a very small amount of patches, note that this will only help developers to understand certain problems better