VirtuaNES 3DS v0.91

bubble2k16 hat seinen NES-Emulator für den 3DS aktualisiert.


Famicom-Disk-System-ROMs ohne den Standard-Header lassen sich jetzt abspielen, ferner können die Disks für FDS-Spiele gewechselt werden. Die Sound-Synchronisation wurde verbessert und die Start-/Select-Buttons lassen sich auf entsprechende 3DS-Buttons mappen. Die Bildschirmmodi "4:3 angepasst" und "Fullscreen angepasst" wurden hinzugefügt und viele Bugs wurden behoben. Den vollständigen Changelog findet ihr unten.


* Enabled support of FDS ROMS without the standard FDS headers.
* Added feature to allow players to switch disks for FDS games.
* Fixed faint vertical lines appearing at the left/right edges of the screen.
* Enabled APU frame counter IRQ (fixes Qix, and probably many others)
* Used 64-bit integer for total cycle counter. This should fix sound problems after running a game for too long.
* Improved sound synchronization - minimizes occurrence of songs going out of tune or just behaving oddly.
* Improved digital sample playback synchronisation. Fixes Skate of Die 2’s intro song.
* Allow mapping of 3DS buttons to the NES Start/Select buttons.
* Added cropped 4:3 Fit and cropped fullscreen modes.
* Fixed some issues with MMC5 mappers when powering up.
* Fixed issues handling of CHR-RAM.
* Updated MMC5 mapper to handle register $5130 correctly.
* Updated MMC5 mapper to write to XRAM so that it can be executed from CPU.
* Updated MMC5 mapper to save /load state of the updated internal registers.
* Fixes Zelda - Legend of Link and Rockman 4 Minus Infinity MMC5 build.
* Minor optimizations by removing checks for clock tests.
* Fixed Smash TV D-pad problem
* Fixed bug with the saving of the auto-fire rate.
* Fixed bug where the game-specific settings never seemed to get saved.
* Fixed bug where the emulator freezes when you select a ROM after selecting one that fails to load.
* Fixed problem of a full black screen for right-eye when using a New 3DS.
* Fixed bug that causes crashing on certain 3DSes.