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Whitehole v1.01 – Super Mario Galaxy Level-Editor

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Mega-Mario hat schon vor einiger Zeit den Super Mario Galaxy Level-Editor "Whitehole" aktualisiert.




Fixes a potential corruption bug when saving. The bug would occur when saving Good Egg Galaxy, and could have happened anywhere else. It would hinder Whitehole’s zone reading/saving mechanism, and perhaps have bad effects ingame.
This archive just contains the updated Whitehole.jar. If you don’t have Whitehole v1.0 already, you should download it.



Stable release fixing a few problematic issues of v0.9 RC, namely:

* edited levels should no longer cause freezes on a Wii

* selecting/adding/removing objects should now work for everybody

* fixed some rendering issues, all galaxies should be editable now

* better rendering for some objects

* and mor