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ZXDS 3DS v2.2.1

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ZX-Spectrum-Emulator für den 3DS.

Gameplay-Aufnahmen lassen sich als RZX speichern und erneut abspielen. Auch wurden einige Fehler behoben und die Emulation verbessert – näheres dazu im Changelog.


ZXDS 2.2.1 (20.1.2022)
* HALT is now really contended by PC+1 in all cases. Thanks, Woody.
* Block instructions now set flags correctly when interrupted or overwritten. Thanks, Ped7g.
* Fixed re-recording of forced RZX frames during RZX playback.
* Subtle "just-in-case" RZX fixes (frame count overflow, rollback checkpoint).

ZXDS 2.2.0 (24.12.2021)
+ RZX recording, including support for rollback and resume.
Simply save file with .rzx suffix to start the recording.
+ RZX recordings can share external snapshot placed in the same directory.
Load the snapshot after starting the (preferably paused) recording to use it.
+ Recording playback of another RZX, both entire or part of, is supported, too.
This makes it possible to resume RZX files which were already finalized.
+ RZX recording can start both before or during a multiplayer session as well.
Just remember to use rollback on the recording machine to avoid recording of the rewind actions.
* RZX playback was updated to support forced frames introduced in RZX format 0.14.
* Saving snapshot files in save requester no longer overwrites the UNDO buffer.
This makes UNDO work as expected even in multiplayer, especially after rollback is used.
* Local SZX snapshots now support external media in their original location in other directories.
* Few minor improvements (confirmation backlight, SZX and Z80 pre-save stepping, help word wrapping).
* Few subtle bugfixes (RZX jumbo frames, RZX tape warping, RZX rollback seek, tape parsing, async I/O).
! Dedicated to Daren Pearcy. So sad you couldn't try it out.
! In memory of Sir Clive Sinclair. Thank you for everything.

Danke an Alexander für den Hinweis!