Nintendont v1.83

nintendontNintendont wurde aktualisiert.


UPDATE 2: v1.83 fixt Star Wars Rogue Squadron.

UPDATE: v1.82 ist erschienen, bringt aber nur interne Änderungen mit sich, die nicht wichtig für den normalen User sind.

Dieses Update fixt die 007-Spiele.

Fix ARStartDMA mem1 addressing.
-Fixes Star Wars Rogue Squadron

Move patch_fwrite_GC to a .S file.
Combine patch_fwrite_Log/B into one S file and clean up.
Load config from memory in kernel if available.
Only write nincfg.bin in loader if settings were displayed.
-nincfg.bin is now optional.
-Still need a command line parser to use with loaders
Fix heap scope issue with DI queue.

Disable SI interrupts if disabled by game.
-Fixes 007 games.
Reset patch found variables when loading a new elf/dol.
-Fixes 007 games.
Use the log for patch_fwrite instead of UsbGecko.
-Shows OSReport strings in ndebug.log
-Should probably make this an option for one or the other, or always do both instead.