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Lunar Magic v2.31

Wii: Update , ,

Lunar Magic IconLunar Magic, der Super Mario World Level-Editor wurde aktualisiert. Es wird eine Super Mario World v1.0 ROM benötigt. Diese herunterzuladen ist aber illegal.


Ein Bug der letzten Version wurde behoben, bei der die Animation des Schalterpalastes die Weltkarte temporär korrumpiert hat. Ein paar weitere Fehler aus der letzten Version wurden auch noch behoben, beispielsweise Probleme mit dem Layer 3, dem Zoom und dem "Add Objects/Sprites" Fenster. Weiteres lesen Super Mario World Profis im Changelog nach.


Version 2.31 October 31, 2014
- fixed a bug from 2.30 where the flying switch blocks on the overworld that appear when you pass a switch palace would temporarily corrupt part of the overworld's animated tile GFX in the game as the RAM they use overlapped with the extra space that the new 4bpp tiles take up. The fix will be installed when the GFX/ExGFX are inserted. Thanks goes out to 33953YoShI for reporting this. 
- fixed a bug from 2.30 with the M16-7k dialog, where it wouldn't draw/behave correctly. 
- fixed a minor issue from 2.30 where the layer 3 CGADSUB checkbox would not always be disabled when it should be. Thanks goes out to Hinalyte for reporting this. 
- fixed a minor issue from 2.30 where if x2 zoom was already enabled in the Add Object/Sprite windows when the program was started, the list height was shorter than it should be. Thanks goes out to Underway for reporting this. 
- fixed a minor issue from 2.30 where closing the Add Objects/Sprites windows would not let you use the level history mouse gestures without having to hold down the Shift key. Thanks goes out to Wiimeiser for reporting this. 
- added the ability to set custom sprite appearances and tooltips in the editor based on the last 1, 2, 3, or 4 bits of the sprite's X and/or Y position. Check the help file for more info. 
- expanded the Map16 space for custom sprites in the editor from 8 to 0x10 pages. 
- tweaked the "Insert all Slots" button of the "Edit ExAnimated Frames" dialogs so that it will insert starting at the currently selected slot instead of always from the start.

Mario Maker und Kirby and the Rainbow Curse für Wii U angekündigt

Wii U , , , ,

Mario Maker und Kirby and the Rainbow Curse wurden soeben auf dem Nintendo Digital Event vorgestellt. Beide Spiele sollen 2015 für die Wii U erscheinen.

In Mario Maker kann man sein eigenes Mario Level erstellen und es in der "Retro-Grafik" oder in der modernen Grafik spielen.


In Kirby and the Rainbow Curse kann Kirby verschiedene Formen annehmen und wird nicht selber gelenkt, sondern mit Linien auf dem GamePad. Der Trailer gibt einen sehr guten Einblick:


Lunar Magic v2.22

vWii, Wii, Wii: Update , ,

FuSoYa hat seinen Super Mario World Level-Editor "Lunar Magic" aktualisiert.


Es wurden einige Bugs gefixt, darunter auch ein schwerwiegende Fehler, wie z.B. beim VRAM-Patch oder im Overworld-Editor. Näheres im Changelog.

Version 2.22 February 9, 2014

- fixed a bug from 1.70 in smkdan's VRAM patch where sprite 49 (growing/shrinking pipe end) could cause a few pixels of some tiles to be corrupted if the sprite was near enough to the entrance to be processed during fade in. Thanks goes out to WhiteYoshiEgg for reporting this. 
- fixed a potential bug that's been around forever where if your overworld had no silent events at all and was not yet using the new format, LM would create a single entry for the table as required by the game's original ASM, but the contents weren't specified so it could end up holding something invalid/harmful. Note that while LM now sets it to "no event" and recognizes that as valid, the entry created by previous versions still has a chance to trigger the new "silent event corruption" warning added in 2.21. In that case simply resaving the overworld in this version will remove the offending entry. Thanks goes out to Wiimeiser for reporting about this. 
- fixed an issue from 2.20 where opening a level from the "Open Level Address" menu would result in the main and midway entrance not being displayed although the labels still were. 
- corrected the "Mario Path" displayed for overworld layer 1 tile 0x36, which is actually a water version of tile 0x1C. Thanks goes out to Wiimeiser and mariofreak4500 for drawing attention to this. 
- increased the allowed number of sprites for the sprite count warning to 255 if Vitor Vilela's RAM remap for SA-1 ROMs has been used. 
- added some code to prevent attempts at opening a second overworld window under certain conditions. Thanks goes out to Hinalyte for reporting this. 
- made a minor tweak to the optimized LZ2 and LZ3 ASM code to not attempt decompression if the GFX file has not been inserted, to aid with ASM debugging. Will only take effect once you switch compression formats with this version. 
moved most of the options in the options menu to their own "General Options" dialog. 
removed the "Highlight Mouse Cursor in BG Editor" option, as it doesn't seem likely that many people turn it off anyway. 
added a new "Check if Vertical Fireball has Buoyancy" option to the general options dialog, at Alcaro's suggestion. 

Version 2.21 December 25, 2013

- fixed a bug from 2.20 where the new "view sprite data" menu item in the overworld editor would display black squares for the sprite data text if the editor had not yet loaded an overworld that wasn't using a custom palette. Thanks goes out to Wiimeiser for helping to figure this out. 
- fixed a bug from 1.40 (which became more noticeable in 2.10) where changes to the last 8 entries in LM's "Destroy Level Tile Settings" dialog could cause Ghost House/Castle/etc tiles to no longer give the player a save prompt when the event had already been cleared. This is partly due to a mistake in Nintendo's code, as it treats the list as 0x18 bytes long when it's really only 0x10 bytes. This version of LM relocates the table so it can safely have all 0x18 entries, and repairs the other 8 bytes that may have been changed in previous versions. Thanks goes out to Wiimeiser for helping to figure this out. 
fixed a minor entrance label display positioning issue from 2.20 when switching between vertical/horizontal level layouts. Thanks goes out to Koopster for pointing this out. 
- fixed a small bug that's been around forever, where if the save prompt for castle/ghost house/etc tiles was disabled and the player passed a level using one of those tiles, the player would move off the level even if the event had already been passed. 
added a new ASM hack to fix a timing issue in Nintendo's code, where there was a chance that the game could turn the screen on a frame too early during black screen transitions, resulting in a brief full screen flash of color. 
- disabled some Nintendo ASM that apparently served no purpose, which was preventing ExGFX from being used in tiles 4A-4F and 5A-5F of SP1. This also now makes these tiles 4bpp. 
added some filtering and warning messages to detect and remove bad event data in the overworld in case people corrupt it with external tools/patching. 
- made it so that pressing Page-Up in the overworld editor in event editor mode while on event 0x77 will cause the event to be shown as passed, so you don't have to advance through each step with Home/End for that event. Thanks goes out to Everest for bringing this up. 
- added a small bypass warning in the old GFX bypass dialogs and the tileset change dialog when Super GFX Bypass is enabled, at Alcaro's suggestion.

Quelle: FuSoYa’s Niche

Whitehole v1.1

Wii, Wii: Update , , , , , ,

Schon im Februar hat Mega-Mario den Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 Leveleditor in Version 1.1 released. Dies fügt neue Funktionen hinzu, wie Startpunkte, Pfade und Gravitationsobjekte zu setzen. Außerdem wurde das 3D-Interface verbessert.


Fixes several issues with Whitehole v1.01, and adds support for editing more types of objects, such as starting points, paths, etc...

via Kuribo64.net

29Bit: Kostenlose Domain-Weltkarte für Blogger

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29Bit – Außerhalb von Nintendo & Homebrew

checkdomain.de verschenkt Domain-Weltkarte an Blogger
checkdomain.de verschenkt Domain-Weltkarte an Blogger

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