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TWiLight Menu++ v16.2.0

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TWiLight Menu++

Das TWiLight Menu++ sieht aus wie das DSi-Menü und kann in Verbindung mit NDS-Bootstrap DS-Homebrews und DS-Spiele von der SD-Karte abspielen.

Der Widescreen-Support wurde überarbeitet und der Anleitung sollte erneut gefolgt werden. Inkompatible Spiele werden auf 16:10 gestreckt. Auch wurde das Sound-Knacken in NDS-Bootstrap gefixt.


What's new?
* The splash screen has been updated to reflect the official cover art!
* * Color banding has been minimized for both the TWLMenu++ BG and RocketRobz logo!
* DSi mode only: Color banding has been minimized for the photos displayed by the DSi theme, as well as box art.
* To make testing on NO$GBA easy, the NitroFS data is now read from the GBA slot instead of the SD card, if a .srldr file is booted by NO$GBA.
* Widescreen is now handled differently.
* * Re-follow the widescreen guide, as it has been updated.
* * Games that are incompatible with widescreen, will be stretched to 16:10.
* R4 theme now uses png files with more colors, instead of bmp files!
* The Homebrew Launcher music can now be set in TWLMenu++ Settings!

Bug fixes
* Sound crackles should no longer occur in nds-bootstrap.
* Updated TWLCFG check. If the name is found as empty, it'll fall back to the user settings from the DS firmware.
* Kung Fu Panda and Surf's Up can now boot with Heap Shrink set to Auto.
* Other fixes to enhance the user experience.