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Swiss v0.4 r451, NDS-Bootstrap v0.8 und PyNX v0.5.1-alpha

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Hier sind die Homebrew-Updates der letzten Tage, namentlich: Swiss, NDS-Bootstrap und PyNX.

Swiss wurde auf v0.4 r451 aktualisiert.


Phantasy Star Online 1 & 2 + funktioniert jetzt.

PSO 1 & 2 + support

NDS-Bootstrap wurde auf v0.8 aktualisiert. Die Änderungen können dem Changelog entnommen werden.


NDS-Bootstrap Changelog

What's new?
* Async prefetching has been implemented!
* (This does not apply to the SDK5 DSi build.)
* The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, now saves to SD card, so you no longer need a donor cart for saving.
* L+R+START+SELECT now activates a new method of soft-resetting a game.
* For 3DS, TWLNAND side of TWLoader is rebooted. For DSi, "SRLoader: Last-ran ROM" is booted.

* 16MB/32MB RAM mode is now always used, so to access the cache, RAM mode switching no longer occurs.
* As a result, performance has been slightly increased.
* MegaMan Zero Collection (USA) now loads at near cart speeds!
* Some games that used DSi WRAM as cache, no longer uses it, and instead uses main RAM as cache, like most other games do.

Bug fixes
* Since RAM mode switching no longer occurs, game compatibility has been improved a bit, such as Metroid Prime Hunters (non-Korean) now working for the first time since a year or less.
* DS Download Play support is now fixed for SDK1-4 games! That means DS Download Station/Haxxstation is working again!
* NOTE: Please turn off donor ROM, for your ROM containing DLP, before using the DLP feature.
* Some games that needed donor ROM force-used, no longer needs it force-used.
* DLP demos using thumb, now work.
* DSiWarehax fixes have been implemented to the 3DS build.
* SRLoader v4.1.0 will use the 3DS build for 3DS users using DSiWarehax.

* As 16MB/32MB RAM mode is always used, and the cardEngine arm9 code has been moved from DSi WRAM, to the 4MB DS debug RAM area (main RAM) for DLP to work, that area is now used, so now only 24MB or lower (8MB or lower, for DSi) ROMs can be loaded into RAM.

PyNX wurde auf v0.5.1-alpha aktualisiert.


PyNX hat ein eigenes Menü bekommen, mit dem Python-Skripte ausgewählt werden können. Diese müssen mit irgendeinem Namen im /switch/ Ordner oder in einen Unterordner dieses Ordners liegen und dann "main.py" heißen.

PyNX Changelog

* Fix relative import paths

* When launching PyNX, you will now be greeted with a menu that allows you to select the Python program you want to launch
* Python homebrew applications are now placed in the /switch/ directory on the SD card
* Python homebrew applications can be a single .py file or a directory containing a main.py file
* Python homebrews can of course import each other, as long as the homebrew they're trying to import is installed
* Miscellaneous controller input fixes