Nintendont r73

nintendontUnd weiter geht’s mit neuen Nintendont-Revisionen!


UPDATE: Wir haben den HID-Test aus der r72 genommen und dabei gleich ganz Nintendont nochmals aktualisiert. Wir haben einfach diesen Post aktualisiert.

UPDATE 2: Nehmen wir gleich noch die r73 mit dazu, die Wind Waker Patches (wieder) hinzufügt.

Gamecube-Controller sollten nun komplett laggfrei sein und lässt sich während des Spielens umstöpseln. Wir laden erst jetzt die neueste Revision hoch, da in den alten die Memory-Card-Emulation defekt war, dies wurde aber gefixt.

- added back wind waker specific patches and also added patch offsets for the PAL
and NTSC-J version as well as the NTSC-U demo
- made some little changes which might help stability

- Reset stub can now be built without adding extra environment variables
- Rebuilding the reset stub is now part of Build.bat
- Added HID_Test.dol

- Search for MCE fix.  Remove restriction on SSBM PAL.

- Make Emulated Memory Card fix generic.


- hopefully fixed the memcard emu again
- added a (not fully accurate yet) memory map txt as reference
- changed up the usb controller deadzone to be much more fluent now by actually
calculating the new input scale instead of just cutting off everything below
- added back gc controller fix for tales of symphonia

- Fixed reading .ini file (thanks Faku1810)
- Removed the patch offset in HID.c line 1461 to fix saves in Wind Waker and
Double Dash

- gc controller now should be completely lagfree, normal gc controllers now also
can be replugged and the game will redetect them (doesnt work for wavebird yet)
- hid controls are now threaded, making them work even if the game is loading
alot of data
- if you press the reset combination on gc/hid, the game will now return to
homebrew channel instead of shutting down
- added a deadzone to the hid controls so now it doesnt just wobble around
WARNING: this revision breaks memory card emulation
also, sorry about my terrible asm code, I am happy that it works