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Nintendont v1.88

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nintendontNach 1 Woche gibt es wieder zwei Updates für Nintendont, dem Gamecube-Backup-Loader für Wii und Wii U!


UPDATE 3: v1.88 ist erschienen und…. ….bringt wieder nur kleine Änderungen….

UPDATE 2: v1.87 ist erschienen und enthält wieder nur interne Änderungen.

UPDATE: v1.86 ist da. Sie enthält ebenfalls interne Änderungen, die Nintendont runder laufen lassen.

Diese Updates enthalten interne Änderungen, die nicht weiter wichtig für den "normalen Verbraucher" sind.

Clear SI interrupt in SIInterruptHandler, not FakeInterrupt.  Same for EXI.
-Might require finding more versions of SIInterruptHandler.
Send additional PPC interrupt if cleared without handling the requested SI or EXI interrupt.
Clean up some interrupt code.

Change method to protect interrupt variables by separating interfaces to
different locations.

Protect Fake Interrupt values.
-Don't overwrite 0x80000014 if in use
DI doesn't use Fake Interrupt.  Remove reference.
Turn off log in official build.
-It can slow down games during launch which causes errors.
Moved specific patches from Mario Strikers to generic method.
-Probably need to find more variants.  Found some for Luigi's Mansion
Minor SI tweaks.
- Added ARQPostRequest patch back to Luigis Mansion, Pokemon Colosseum, and Pikmin. 

Clean up changes to SI.

Improved SI interface.
-It's still not quite right.  We shouldn't need to false report errors and the polling bits are never enabled.
Found a few more function patches for AI/SI.
-lwzu and stwu (already did lwz and stw)
Found a few functions related to SI in Mario Strikers that should be
generalized.  They currently aren't needed, but if we improve the SI interface further they will be.  They're related to using memory instead of interrupts.
We need to write 0s to clear memory, not 1s. For now only apply to Strikers.