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WiiXplorer r259

dimok hat seinen WiiXplorer aktualisiert.



- updated some new language files

- added a setting for overriding priiloader on exit to menu (default ON)
- increased max. allow characters in application config path (internal use)
- changed rumble to be disabled by default because it is annoying
- some clean ups

- added resample to 48 kHz option for sounds other than the native 32 or 48 kHz
of the Wii (only 16bit stereo). This improves sound quality for 44.1 kHz musics.
Simple and fast linear interpolation. Can be disabled in settings if unwanted
(default on).
- resampled default background music of the application from 44.1 kHz to 48 kHz.
- fix not working "use both USB" option when mount nand setting is set to off

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WiiXplorer r254

Dimok hat den WiiXplorer aktualisiert!


Es wurden nur Optimierungen an USB-Tastaturen vorgenommen.

- fix modifier keys of external keyboard that got broken in r253 (capslock,
shift, num...)
- changed rescan interval for new external keyboard to 3 secs instead of 30s if
no usb keyboard is connected yet
- removed de-initialization of usb keyboard on application exit which causes a
crash (workaround for now, has to be addressed later)

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WiiXplorer Beta r247

dimok hat eine neue Beta vom WiiXplorer veröffentlicht! Wie immer frisch kompiliert!


– revert change that shouldn’t have been commited

– improved handle of tooltip
– added a tooltip delay setting
– fix pointer position set on the on screen keyboard other then text editor
– fix D-PAD walk through icon browser
– clean ups in the on screen keyboard classes
– smoother settings menu change
– some small improvements and fix of possible crash situations

WiiXplorer Beta r245

dimok hat eine neue WiiXplorer Beta veröffentlicht!