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"vWii" (virtuelle Wii) bezeichnet den Wii-Modus der Wii U.


DeSmuME Wii r252

Arikado hat den DS-Emulator DeSmuME Wii aktualisiert – nun ja, das war am 5. Dezember, aber pssst….



Révision 252
Two words: Paired. Single.

That’s right. I got tired of waiting. I created paired-single versions of ALL of
the matrix functions. On average they run about 40-50% faster. This has been in
the works for a long time. There isn’t any noticeable speed up that I could
find, but it’s there, and a preview of things to come.

Révision 251
A large-scale turning back the clock. Since the GCC-Update branch is handling
the updated DesmumeWii, we are reverting the trunk back to before we started
tinkering with it, with a few notes:
– GX has been implemented, just like the update branch
– The headers have also been updated
– Paired-Single matrix instructions!

Révision 250
Shane ( pointed out this blunder. Oops!

Révision 249
-Finally, we have the 3D rendering in the GPU in line with "Vanilla". The loop
is now outside of the _master_setFinal3dColor function.
-Minor cleaning

Révision 248
Even more clean up, with some minor updates. 


Configurable USB-Loader Mod r51

Genau 1 Monat nach der letzten Version aktualisiert R2-D2199 die Mod des CFG-Loaders!


-create plugins folder when not exist
-changed button color (add "old_button_color=1" to config.txt for the old color)
-wbfs folder is now configurable (add "wbfs_fat_dir=/yourWbfsFoler" to config.txt)
-added DM 2.5 screenshot setting
-improved devolution video settings
-added new filters for Wii games and channels
-improved mighty plugin

Settings Editor GUI v1.9

JoostinOnlines' Settings Editor GUI läuft nun auch ohne cIOS im Wii-Modus der Wii U (vWii)!




  • Now works with vWii without a cIOS using runtimeiospatch (thanks Damysteryman/Exelciior)
  • Video Mode and "Exit to Internet Settings" options are hidden in vWii mode since they don’t work.
  • Special thanks to driverdis for all his testing on this version.  I couldn’t have done it without him.


FBZX Wii auf v8 aktualisiert

Oibaf hat den Spectrum-Emulator "FBZX Wii" aktualisiert!


  • Screen snapshots visible on screen in file select menus
  • Option to activate the virtual keyboard with the wiimote IR pointer
  • Changed menu navigation rules (2 and B always come back to previuos menu)
  • FTP and SMP connect also after start up
  • Tape stops after machine selection change
  • Fixed contention in normal mode emulation
  • Fixed crackling in turbo auto mode
  • Other minor bug fixes